The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County Pismo Preserve Ranger C.J. Silas spends a lot of time hiking the Pismo Preserve to keep 11 mi. of trails safe and enjoyable for visitors + healthy for nature preserve inhabitants. These are some of the things found on recent hikes. Evidence of animals who have passed by or passed away. If you’re grossed out by scat, don’t look! Thanks for sharing, C.J.!

Most likely the backbone and pelvis of a deer, perhaps what’s left of a mountain lion’s dinner.

The scats shown above and below are impressive! Both were found in the middle of trail, a way of communicating with other coyotes: I’ve been here! Coyote diet varies seasonally. When prey animals are plentiful, you’ll see a lot of hair in the scat. When in short supply, you might see more fruit pits and remnants of a vegetable diet. Coyotes lean toward the carnivorous side but are omnivores.