Vineyard Elementary School LATO

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Vineyard Elementary School LATO Highlights

Morro Coast Audubon Society volunteers connected LATO with Vineyard Elementary School (VES) in 2018, and we were thrilled to start training Oak Ambassadors there in 2019.  Interestingly enough, the school served as an inspiration for the development of LATO before 2005; VES was then the only San Luis Obispo County public school with its own associated nature trail. VES and the Templeton Unified School District invited LATO to partner with them to expand use of their nature trail, a treasure for the community. This has been a wonderful partnership.


    VES Nature Trail

    We love the Vineyard Elementary School Nature Trail, which includes a section of the Paso Robles Creek. Steelhead trout could historically be found in the creek. Perhaps they’ll return someday as more people value and support efforts to restore the health and vitality of riparian habitats in the Upper Salinas Watershed.

    The Paso Robles Creek flowing through the VES Nature Trail originates in the Santa Rita Creek Watershed, centered at The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County‘s Santa Rita Ranch. This connection provides opportunities for kids and families to learn about local watersheds.


    VES Nature Classroom

    At Vineyard Elementary School, we currently share a classroom which primarily serves as a science enrichment classroom for the school. This is where Oak Ambassador trainings are held and where we present prehike lessons before heading out on the VES Nature Trail. We’re grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with VES teachers and staff to make this work-in-progress space the best it can be.