Oak Ambassadors representing Santa Margarita School and Ocean View School headed out to Camp Natoma, located in the Adelaida area W. of Paso Robles, on July 13,2017 to present a birding program for kids at Camp Natoma. ¬†Our audience included kids from Branch Elementary School. We shared “The Return of the Condor” story through a skit developed by Cal Poly senior project students Kelsey Tigh and Natalie Ifland in 2016. We also used Cal Poly bird specimens to teach kids about what a bird’s physical features, especially the beak (scientists call these bills), tell us about the bird’s diet and lifestyle. LATO intern Nathan managed the program with assistance from parent volunteers, awesome Oak Ambassadors and Camp Natoma Staff. Camp Director Emily Zbin and staff members Hillery and Heather¬†gave us a very warm welcome and we hope to return next summer. Thanks to all!